We have a number of global experts who can comment on issues related to talent management, hiring and executive search, jobs of the future, empathy as a path to organisational productivity and the application of Artificial Intelligence in today’s global society. Please contact Allan Laurie on for more information.

  • The Future of Work: Dr. Jennifer Rochlis
    on July 23, 2020

    Dr. Jennifer Rochlis, Chief Solutions Architect at Flir Systems, discusses the power of curiosity, the value of inclusive leadership, how to build the leaders of tomorrow, and the need to stay human-centered when approaching A.I and automation. What is the one piece of advice you...

  • The Future of Work: Todd Baker
    on July 13, 2020

    Todd Baker, President and CEO of ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks Americas discusses lifelong learning, the required skills of tomorrow’s leaders, and the value of creativity. What is the one piece of advice you would give the leaders of tomorrow? The first person that’s gonna live to...

  • HR Leadership in Asia Pacific [Webinar Recording]
    on June 25, 2020

    Senior HR Leaders from across Asia Pacific joined IIC Partners in a webinar to share their perspectives on the impact that COVID-19 is having on their organization, the challenges they are facing, and how they are responding. The webinar was held on Jun 18, 2020,...

  • The Future of Work: Bruce Hemmingsen
    on June 18, 2020

    We sat down with Bruce Hemmingsen, VP Strategic Development at IDS Medical Systems, to discuss developing the leaders of tomorrow, the role of AI in healthcare, and how to thrive amidst a rapidly evolving landscape. What is the one piece of advice you would give...

  • The Impact of the Growth in E-Commerce on Organizational Culture and Leadership
    on June 18, 2020

    As e-commerce has continued to shape the retail environment, leaders and firms have interpreted the new environment in their own ways, devising strategies that work in response to the changes and for their unique market position. In light of the COVID-19 crisis and the key...

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